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Columbia University: School of the Arts Highlights CWU Lecturer

"This week we sat down with alumnus Asad Farooqui ’19 to discuss how his feature script, The Immigration Game, impacts the future of Pakistani-American media representation. 

Before entering the film program at Columbia, Asad Farooqui used a Sony PX100 camera and Canon DSLR to begin structuring his own filmed narratives. He was a dilettante to film, having studied Business Management and Comparative Religion as an undergraduate, where he performed as an actor in just one theatrical production. However, Columbia would change all of that for the burgeoning director and screenwriter. 

Farooqui was born in Pakistan and moved to the United States at the age of eight. He grew up in a bicultural, but conservative, Pakistani-American household in Atlanta. “We were relatively conservative, so we would visit the mosque quite a bit for prayers. We'd go to Friday prayer service,” he said in our interview. 

Farooqui and his family strived to make a life for themselves in the midst of a post 9/11 America.  . . . . " Read more

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