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Film and Video Studies

2010 Winners

The Second Annual 48-Hour Film Slam took place February 26-28, 2010 with eight (8) teams competing. At the manditory rules, genre and equipment meeting in the Communication Department Lobby the teams drew their required genres and the following required elements were drawn: character = "Jane, a stay at home parent" and prop = "crowbar."

The theme was, "Who are those guys?"

Below are the winners selected by our panel of judges &/or as voted by an appreciative audience of nearly 150 individuals.

This year, the judges also chose to give three (3) Special Jury awards: "Best Actress" to Brianne Walker inDown the Drain, "Best Actor" to Jimmy-Dean Candella in Dude, Sean Got SHOT! and "Most Visually Compelling Scene" to Jeff Knight, Cinematographer for Down the Drain.

Download video: MP4 format | WebM format

Dude, Sean Got SHOT! (Road Film— Best Screenplay, Best Peformances, Best Directing, Best of Festival) Three friends flee after a bank robbery gone bad.

Download video: MP4 format | WebM format

The Puddle Jumper (Fantasy — Best Technical) A man is trapped in an alternate dimension and chased by unknown figures.