Office of Field Experiences
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District and School Partnerships

The Office of Field Experiences establishes and maintains partnerships with each district where our students are placed. A Memorandum of Agreement will be established between CWU and the partnering school district office.

We are often able to partner with private schools as long as mentor teachers meet the eligibility requirements listed below. Contact us to see if your organization qualifies.

Request a District or School Partnership

Mentor a Field Experience Student

You can request a specific student or submit a general interest request. We review field experience requests each quarter while preparing placement requests for teacher candidates.

Request a Field Experience Student

Mentor teacher resources

Mentor Teacher Eligibility, Compensation, and Expectations

Mentors must be certificated with least 3 years of professional teaching experience, preferably in the same endorsement area as the student is pursuing. To learn about the expectations of each placement course, please visit the "Placement Courses Offered" left hand menu. Each course page includes an overview with expectations of the mentor, supervisor, and CWU student.

CWU provides compensation for the following courses:

Partnership Benefits:

  • Support the next generation of educators
  • Increase the level of personal attention provided to pupils
  • Offer professional growth and development opportunities for current teaching staff
  • Recruit and retain future teaching staff
  • Expand your district's professional network
  • Connect with university faculty members who have extensive K-12 teaching and administrative experience
  • Implement practices that are grounded in current educational research and pedagogy

What previous mentors valued most about their experiences:

    "Having my student teacher teaching small groups and one to one when needed."

    "Getting to look at myself from a different perspective while also focusing on key elements of teaching that I feel are important."

    "Getting to help a young educator wanting to come into the [teaching] field."

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