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Office of Field Experiences

We’re all in this together, and our top priority is helping our students continue in their programs toward becoming teachers.


EFC 480 Student Teaching FAQ

(Updated August 17, 2020)

First, please don’t panic. Faculty and staff are working diligently to prepare fall courses. The Office of Field Experience is working to confirm all placements and remove all registration holds. Field Supervisors will begin the quarter on Sept. 1, they may or may not contact you before then.

No, please do not call the schools. We have heard reports of some principals getting upset at feeling harassed by some of our students. Their plans for re-opening are still tentative and subject to change, with many details to work out. Your clinical hours are not at the top of their priority list. Instead, we ask that you contact your Field Supervisor or your mentor teacher for updates, but not the school districts or principals.

It is our goal to complete your student teaching in the fall, and not postpone it. Your student teaching will be evaluated regardless of the modality.

Yes, you can work with your mentor teacher whether your school is online, hybrid or in-person. Students will be evaluated regardless of the mode of instruction. Field Supervisors will advise and support their student teachers as they work with mentor teachers to design and schedule their student teaching experience. Field experience hour requirements will be reduced for certification, if needed.

We are working with schools to avoid this possibility, but we will look for a new placement for you, if necessary.

We don’t want you to be in a situation where you feel unsafe. If your school does not include an online opportunity, we can seek a new placement. Options will be limited, and you may be placed in a different area. COVID-19 has greatly limited placement options and a new placement is not guarenteed. You have the additional option of postponing student teaching to a later quarter.

We are looking into options, more information will be forthcoming.

The edTPA can be completed with in-person, hybrid or virtual instruction with edTPA coordinator approval. The edTPA coordinators can answer all specific questions: Dr. Mark Oursland or Dr. Tanjian Liang.

Unfortunately, no. We are unable to place any student in a classroom for field experience who is not enrolled in a field experience class.

Emergency Certification is only given by Teacher Prep Programs to students who have already demonstrated proficiency in teaching, but still have to complete some assessments like the edTPA or WEST-E/NES. Unless you have already completed all other Certification requirements, including Student Teaching, we cannot recommend you for Emergency Certification.

Conditional Certification is an option open to school districts to hire you on the condition that you will complete your Student Teaching hours and edTPA at a later date. It is entirely at the discretion of districts, not CWU, but if you are hired under a Conditional Certificate, we will do our best to support you, in whatever way possible.

No. If you were registered for EFC 480: Student Teaching in Spring 2020 and are completing your IP grade this fall, you DO NOT need to register for student teaching again.

  • Insurance:  No. Spring 2020 student teachers who are finishing their student teachng this fall will have their insurance coverage extended. The Office of Field Experience will work out the details, there is nothing you need to do. Fall 2020 student teachers need to purchase insurace after Aug. 1:
  • Fingerprinting:  You do need current fingerprint clearance. If your clearance expires before Nov. 20, 2020, you will need to be fingerprinted again. Contact the Teacher Certification office for informationabout clearance dates and options:

The Teacher Certification office is not accepting appointments for fingerprinting on the Ellensburg campus. Appointments can be made at:

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