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Family Resource Center

Poverty Simulation

A poverty simulation is designed to promote awareness of the challenges low-income families face, as well as bring community leaders and low-income community members together in an effort to create shared understanding. The Family & Consumer Sciences Department will be conducting a poverty simulation in January 2019 in the SURC Ballroom- check back for more details. 

It involves a role-play where participants are assigned a family profile and need to navigate paying bills, getting to work, caring for children, accessing services, etc. across four 15-minute “weeks.” Volunteers play the role of various “Resource Stations” (e.g. grocery store, school, bank, DSHS, employer, food bank, etc.).

Once the simulation has ended, there will a de-briefing where people can share their experiences and discuss how they relate to issues in our community.

Students need to sign up in advance with the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement. 

Faculty/Staff and community members are also encouraged to participate as Resource Station Volunteers (requires pre-simulation orientation starting at 11:30 am) or in the family member roles. To sign up please fill out this participation form.

Non-Students Sign-Up HERE

View images from the 2017 Poverty Simulation here



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