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Academic Program Info:

“GIVE volunteers are the backbone of our organization and we continually strive to enhance our excursions to ensure our volunteers truly have an experience of a lifetime.  We've integrated an accredited, academic course in partnership with Central Washington University for students to thrive.” 

You can now receive academic credit at your university by volunteering with GIVE! 
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Contact Information:
Ken Cohen, Ph.D., Director of Academic Programs
Ken is responsible for developing, designing, and delivering the academic component of the GIVE program. Ken received a Ph.D. in Conservation Social Sciences. As an Associate Professor at Central Washington University his research focuses on the cultural, economic, and environmental impacts of tourism.  Ken got the travel bug when he took a semester off his sophomore year of college, got a backpack, and traveled solo throughout the Mediterranean. Since then he has traveled extensively, but he prefers to travel intensively. A firm believer in experiential education, Ken enjoys sharing his passion for sustainable tourism with students and occasionally his wife and daughter who are a bit less fond of “roughing it.”
Dr. Cohen:


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