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Event & Tourism Management


Students majoring in the Event and Tourism Management Program receive a Bachelor of Science in Event and Tourism Management with either a specialization in Tourism Management or Event Management.   
Tourism Management students may choose a career managing and directing programs, facilities, and people at resorts, convention centers, cruise lines, airlines, travel companies and hotels, among others.  
Event Planning is our newest specialization addressing the growing special event, convention, and festival industry.

2018-2019 Curriculum for Event and Tourism Management Majors

Tourism Management Specialization Program of Study

Tourism Management 4 year Plan (see advisor)

Event Management Specialization Program of Study 

Event Management 4 Year Plan (see advisor)

Besides majoring in Event or Tourism Management, students at CWU may receive a minor in one of the following areas:

The Event & Tourism Management Program (ETM) at Central Washington University (CWU) began in 1947, and was the first of its kind at a college or university in Washington state. Many of the CWU graduates of the Program occupy positions in leadership and management throughout the Pacific Northwest. They provide a strong network of alumni support for students who will follow them into the workforce. A certificate program and minor in Wine Trade and Tourism focuses on the management, marketing, and distribution of wine and wine tourism.

Transfer programs for high school and community college students are available. (see ETM faculty for information)

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For admission to Event and Tourism majors there are no prerequisite courses required.  The following lists the process for application.

Meet with a program advisor

  • Complete the FCS Major Application Form (see above)
  • Freshmen are encouraged to apply however all students must hold a 2.3
  • Cumulative GPA upon attaining Sophomore standing (45 credits)

For more information contact one of the Event & Tourism faculty:

Dr. Barbara Masberg
(509) 963-1969
Michaelsen 226

Dr. Carla Jellum
(509) 963-2568
Michaelsen 231

IF you are seeking information about the degree in Recreation please contact Dr. Perkins or Dr. Rolfe:

Dr. Robert Perkins
(509) 963-1292
Purser Hall

Dr. David Rolfe
(509) 963-1742
Purser Hall









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