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Dr. Saud Hussein

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Lecturer in Mathematics

Office: Samuelson Hall - Room 228B

Phone: (509) 963-1759






Fall 2022 Schedule
   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10 AM Math 100B Math 100B Math 100B Math 100B Math 100B
11 AM Math 100B Math 100B Math 100B Math 100B Math 100B
1 PM Math 101 Math 101 Math 101 Math 101

Math 101

2 PM Math 153 Math 153 Math 153 Math 153 Math 153



Courses taught at Central Washington University:

  • Math 100B - Introductory Algebra
  • Math 100C - Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 152 - Functions and Reasoning
  • Math 153 - Pre-Calculus I
  • Math 154 - Pre-Calculus II
  • Math 172 - Calculus I
  • Math 173 - Calculus II
  • Math 272 - Multivariable Calculus I
  • Math 376 - Differential Equations I
  • Math 377 - Differential Equations II






  1. S. Hussein and M. Ru, A General Defect Relation And Height Inequality For Divisors In Subgeneral Position, Asian J.Math. 22 v3 (2018) 477–492.
  2. S. Hussein, A note on the converse of Wolstenholme’s Theorem. Integers 18 (2018), Paper No. A94, 3 pp.
  3. S. Hussein, An identity for the odd double factorial.  J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. (2019)
  4. S. Hussein, An Identity for the Partition Function Involving Parts of k Different Magnitudes, submitted to Ars Combin.


Expository Papers

  1. S. Hussein, Wilson’s and Wolstenholme’s Theorems. arXiv: 1809.04767 [math.HO] (2018).
  2. S. Hussein, New conjecture related to a conjecture of McIntosh, arXiv: 1802.01909 [math.NT] (2018).


I grew up in Houston, Texas, just 30 minutes from NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) and after a 4th grade school field trip to JSC, I was convinced a space exploration career was for me.  In 1998 I completed my bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and began a 13-year career working on the US Space Shuttle program.  Our main task as software engineers was to maintain and improve the flight software that controls the space shuttles from liftoff to landing.  During shuttle missions, we would also monitor Mission Control, 24/7, until the shuttle safely returned.

After the shuttle completed its main function, to build the International Space Station, the program ended in 2011.  I realized during my engineering years that working with computers, and engineering in general, was not my real passion.  It was math and had always been.  So I returned to school and completed my PhD in math in 2016.  Prime numbers have always especially fascinated me, like many people.  I was fortunate enough to obtain a postdoctoral research assignment in Taiwan, that would allow me to research prime numbers and anything else I wanted.  After two plus years in Taiwan, I published three papers in the area of prime numbers and returned to the US in 2019.

Teaching math is equally as much fun as discovering new math through research.  So I wanted to find a University that would allow me to pursue my love of math education and did not want to return to the scorching hot and humid weather of Texas.  The Great Pacific NorthWest seemed like the obvious choice.  Central Washington University has been my home University now since 2019 and has been everything I hoped it would be.

Besides mathematics, I am also a huge fan of the Simpsons and Star Trek, as any visit to my office would show.  My favorite sport is basketball and I might have been the best player on the worst team in history, the perfectly named Idle Threat.  Finally, the best dessert in the world is made in the Middle East, we call it kanafeh, try it freshly made, it's amazing.  Here is the recipe I use when I want to make some myself.

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