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CWU Faculty Websites

Faculty -- When you have created your website and are ready for public viewing, please contact Jon Belford at or 963-2952. Your URL must be put into your profile so that it shows in 'Faculty Search' in the left menu.

Welcome CWU Faculty!

Central Washington University provides web space for faculty members to host their own faculty websites. The Web Services Team is available to assist faculty with creating websites and migrating existing websites to the university’s web content management system.

The Web Services Team will assist in helping you build and/or migrate an existing website, and will provide training so that you have the access and ability to easily update and maintain your own site.

Before requesting a website, here’s what you need to do:

FERPA Training

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and is a federal law enacted in 1974. FERPA protects the privacy of student education records and all student information. All data published on the CWU website must be considered 'public' and so is subject to FERPA. No student data is to be copied, published, or stored. If you need to web-enable student data then please use Canvas. See note below.

Faculty requesting and using a CWU website must take FERPA training. Successful completion is required before a website will be set-up. Online training takes about 30 minutes. Upon successfully completing the FERPA training you will receive a Completion Status Report. Please provide a copy of your report when requesting training and a website. A screen shot pasted to an email will work.

You can take the online FERPA Training at: FERPA for Higher Education

Schedule Website Training

Website training must be completed before you can access the new CWU website. Please contact Jon Belford to set up a training appointment.

Note: For class related information and/or files containing student data, Canvas must be used. Canvas is supported by Multimodal Learning.

For information, training and assistance, or to request a website contact Jon Belford.

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