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Faculty Senate

Non-Senate Committee / Council / Taskforce Report Form

Thank you for serving as a faculty representative on a university committee, council, or taskforce. Your participation is vital as it ensures that faculty have a voice in governance at CWU. However, there are some issues that require broader faculty consultation (See Faculty Code 1.C.2). We are asking you to complete this form as those issues arise or on a quarterly basis to report to the senate the activities of the committee/ council/ taskforce and to highlight any activities that may require or benefit from broader faculty consultation.


*Only one faculty representative per committee/council/taskforce needs to complete this form.

Per the Faculty Code (Section 1.C.2.), the following areas warrant faculty consultation:

  a. university and college mission;
  b. undergraduate and graduate admissions, enrollment management, and scholarships;
  c. budget;
  d. hiring and evaluation of academic administrators;
  e. recommendation of candidates for honorary degrees;
  f. academic facilities, including instructional technologies;
  g. aspects of student life that affect academic climate and quality;
  h. policies related to academic calendars.

The Faculty Code (Section 1.D.4.) states that "no one mehanism, alone, can be considered an adequate opportunity for input. Also, the following in isolation do not constitute valid 'consultation with faculty': consultation only with the Senate Executive Committee, Senate Chair, or other individual members f a Senate Committee; or representation by one or several faculty on a committee."

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