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Faculty Senate

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee shall be concerned with the study, development, and improvement of the curriculum, educational programs, and academic policy at the university, shall cooperate with other individuals, groups, or committees at the university in carrying out its duties. The committee shall review and recommend changes to academic policy (section five of the CWU Policies manual, Curriculum Policy and Procedure). It shall perform other duties as may be requested by or approved by the Senate Executive Committee.

2022-23 Curriculum Committee

  • Meets the first and third Thursdays at 3:10 p.m. 
Name Term Department    
Vacant  (CEPS) 06/14/24      
Paul Ballard, (CEPS) 06/14/25 Sports Management Studies    
Sayantani Mukherjee 06/14/24 Management    
Clem Ehoff, (CB) 06/14/24 Accounting    
Jeff Dippmann (CAH) 06/14/24 Philosophy & Religious Studies    
Jason Dormady (CAH) 06/14/24 History    
Tim Sorey  (COTS) 06/14/25 Chemistry    
Benjamin White (COTS) 06/14/25 Physics    
Vacant, (LIB) 06/14/24 Library    
Vacant 06/14/22 Student    


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