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Faculty Senate

Complaint Form (For faculty use only)

A. Confidentiality

Complaints are not confidential. Elements of this complaint may be released as needed at the discretion of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.


B. Complainant(s)

(individual or group representative)

Include a concise statement identifying yourself or your group (for example John Smith, Department of Under Water Aerodynamics). You may Attach a detailed explanation with this form.


C. Respondent(s)

(individual, group, or entity against whom the complaint is being made. A respondent could be an academic department, a member of the faculty, staff, an administrative unit, or a member of the administration)

Include a concise statement identifying the respondent(s). You may attach a detailed explanation with this form.

D. Basis for Review

Note: Faculty Senate has no jurisdiction over: (1) Civil rights complaints properly addressed under the process provided in Part 2.2 of the General University Policies Manual, (2) Matters subject to the grievance process contained in the CBA, which includes allegations of violations of the terms of the CBA, and (3) Matters subject to the complaint process contained in the CBA which involve substantive academic judgments in matters of workload, reappointment, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review.

Please read the following codes and policies under the Senate purview prior to preparing this form.

1. Faculty Code and Faculty Senate Bylaws  (Code and Bylaws)
2. Curriculum Policy and Procedures (CWUP 5-50 and CWUR 2-50)
3. Academic Policies, Standards, & Organizational Structures (CWUP 5-90 & CWUR 2-90)
4. General Education Program (CWUP 5-100)

Also review relevant portions of the Faculty Code that apply to Complaint Policy.


Please select all the applicable areas under which your complaint falls (the basis for seeking a review by the Faculty Senate). For example, in case of complaint of a violation of academic freedom, you would select item # 1.
List and briefly state how each and every specific section of the code and/or policies selected above, was allegedly violated. Please be specific with your code/policy reference by including the name and the section numbers (including subsections and sub-subsections) that specifically apply to your complaint.
Create and attach an Appendix of any supporting documentation pertinent or referred to in the complaint to substantiate the alleged code and/or policy violations. Please provide identifying letters (e.g., Appendix A, B) for each document that is referenced in the complaint, and provide a table of contents for the appendixes.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt pdf doc docx odt.

E. Complaint Summary

Describe the issue giving rise to your complaint in a clear and concise manner. Include a concise statement on how the alleged conduct of the respondent(s) has violated the code and/or policies. You may attach any supporting documentation as part of the Appendix.
Provide a concise statement of the negative effect that this alleged violation has had on yourself or your group. You may attach a detailed explanation with this form.
What reasonable outcomes would resolve this situation?

F. Informal Attempt to Resolve Complaint

Summarize your efforts to resolve this complaint. With whom have you consulted in an attempt to resolve the complaint and what the results of your consultations were? You may attach a detailed explanation with this form in the Appendix.
By entering your name you confirm that all the information provided is accurate and 100% truthful, and that you are the individual who filled out this form.

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