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Faculty Senate

Budget and Planning Committee

Budget and Planning Committee shall be concerned with the overall university budget, the implementation of and changes to the budgeting model, and the impact of the university budget on academics. The committee will facilitate a two-way flow of information between faculty at the department level and the University Budget and Finance Committee (UBFC). It shall make budgetary recommendations on behalf of faculty and as representatives of the faculty to the UBFC. Whenever possible, especially on matters of great importance, the Budget and Planning Committee’s recommendation must be voted upon by the Senate. Any senator may make a motion to reject or amend a proposed recommendation by the committee. If the motion passes, the original recommendation shall be considered rejected or amended, and shall not be proposed by the Budget and Planning Committee to the UBFC. In the case where an amendment to the recommendation is approved by the Senate, the committee may propose the amended recommendation to the UBFC. The Budget and Planning Committee shall perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.

Committee Charges

Meets at 10:00 a.m. 1st and 3rd Wednesday in Barge 410

Kathy Temple (COTS), Co-Chair6/14/2021Mathematics  
Roxanne Easley (CAH)6/14/2021History  
Kathy Whitcomb (CAH)6/14/2020English/Communications  
Paul Knepper (COTS)6/14/2020Law & Justice  
Lad Holden(CEPS)6/14/2021ETSC  
Ian Loverro (CEPS)6/14/2020CSEL  
Chad Wassell (CB)6/14/2021Economics  
Ken Smith, Co-Chair (CB)6/14/2020Accounting  
Aimee Quinn (LIB)6/14/2021Library  
Stephen Stein (Senior Lecturer)6/14/2020Mathematics  
Amy Claridge Senate Chair, Ex-officio  
Cody Stoddard Past Senate Chair, Ex-officio  
Jim Johnson ADCO Chair, Ex-officio  
Eric Cheney ADCO Chair-elect, Ex-officio  


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