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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resource Toolkit

Universities are defined by their faculty, and great universities are defined by having engaged teachers and scholars who bring new energy, ideas, perspectives, and partnerships to our students, to each other, and to the university. Central Washington University’s faculty members are not just great but highly regarded and celebrated. The work they do plays a vital and central role in promoting the University’s diverse students and in creating its thriving research culture. CWU Faculty are integral to its success.

This Faculty Resource Toolkit provides background and information to help faculty engage fully in their careers at CWU in support of the University's mission and core values.

Faculty Resources





Faculty Evaluation


Professional Development (link to Professional Development page – Eric Cheney – to be developed)

Other University Resources

Department Chairs



Faculty Calendar (Needs to be created by CMC)

Community Connections

Community Connections (link on CMC page)

Two documents important to the life of faculty at CWU are the Collective Bargaining Agreement between CWU and the Faculty of Central and the Faculty Senate Faculty Code.


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