First Year and Exploratory Advising
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Major Exploration Process

In the fall, current CWU students can attend Majors in Minutes. This event allows students to explore majors from students who are currently enrolled in those programs. Using a speed-dating approach, students spend 8-minutes with a CWU junior/senior from a major of interest, asking questions and learning more about that particular academic program.

Our department is committed to supporting students at any point in the major exploration process. You can schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor or chat with a Peer Advisor to get started. Below you will find some suggested tips and tools:

  • Discover your skills, interests, values
    • Often one of the struggles in identifying a major is figuring out what you want. By clarifying aspects about yourself, you will be better equipped to envision what you want your future to look like.
    • Career Services offers a variety of assessments you can take to start this process, as well as career counseling/exploration appointments
  • Explore CWU academic programs & careers
    • You can review a list of majors and their requirments in the catalog; sometimes you can get a sense of fit just by reading through the course descriptions.
    • Cross off what you don't want to do, write down what sounds interesting, and make a note to look up new majors you might not know much about!
    • Reading information in the catalog is a great first step, but more information should be sought using a variety of resources, such as:
  • Start the decision making process
    • Once you have gathered information on your top 1-3 majors, you need to analyze that information to make sense of it
      • Create pros/cons or likes/dislikes
      • Talk through your thoughts on each major with your advisor, a peer advisor, or a trusted mentor
      • Engage in reflection or journaling
      • Pursue job shadowing or informational interviewing
      • Find out what other information or experiences you need before making a decision