First Year and Exploratory Advising
Bouillon Hall 206
(509) 963-2722

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Majors in Minutes allows CWU students to explore majors from students who are currently enrolled in those majors. Using a speed-dating approach, students spend 8 minutes with a CWU junior/senior from a major of interest, asking questions and learning more about that particular major. After those 8 minutes are up, students can choose to either keep chatting with their current major or choose a new major to explore. Students can visit as many or as few majors as they would like.

    How to prepare for Majors in Minutes

    You are not required to have anything official to attend, but it is helpful to consider questions you would like to ask current CWU students about their major! You might also think about what programs you would like to learn more about before attending.

    Sample questions:

    • What do you study in this major?
    • How did you decide on this major?
    • What surprised you about the major?
    • What do you like most about this major? What do you like the least?
    • What types of classes do you take? What classes do you suggest I take to learn more about the major?
    • What are the different jobs/careers in this major?
    • Would you recommend getting involved in any campus organizations? If so, which ones?
    • Are there skills or experiences I should have if I am thinking about this major?
    • What are some examples of internships, research opportunities, and/or clubs that are associated with this major?
    • What are you planning to do with this major after graduating?