Exempt Employee Association
Executive Committee

Exempt Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Recognition will be given to employees who foster a work environment which supports members of the university community as well as the mission of Central Washington University (CWU). This award was created so that employees who go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities, who offer unique contributions to their work unit and/or the university as a whole, who have a significant and positive impact on those they work with or come in contact with, and who consistently perform for the betterment of CWU could be recognized for their work.

Anyone may nominate an employee for this award. Award recipients will receive a $125 award, they will be recognized at the Annual Employee Appreciation Awards, and will have their name and reason for selection published in Central Today.

Exempt Employee of the Month Guidelines for Nomination

  • Current exempt employee of Central Washington University
  • Six consecutive months of employment with CWU
These examples will be used to determine the employee most deserving of this award.