Exempt Employee Association - Executive Committee

The active, on-going committees are:

  • Code Committee: Concerned with the continuing study & improvement of the Exempt Employee Code.  Receives, reviews, initiates, and makes recommendations or proposals for amendments to the code, coordinating its efforts with other individuals, groups or committees as necessary or appropriate.
  • Salary Committee: Represents the EEA in matters relating to salary distribution with the President and her/his advisory committee.  Reviews the salary administration plan and make recommendations to the Governing Board as appropriate.
  • Professional Development, Mentoring, and Networking Committee: Encourages and promotes professional growth within the EEA.  Assist new exempt employees to become involved in the EEA & the university community.
  • Public Relations Committee: Explores and implements methods to increase the visibility of EEA & enhances communication among its members.  Maintains the EEA website & publicizes special events.
  • Community Involvement Committee: Devises ways for members to engage in activities that strengthen the university community & the community-at-large, working with existing groups and agencies.
  • Work/Life Committee: Assesses work life concerns of exempt employees, researches best practices, and advocates for changes in university policies and/or the Exempt Employee Code.

In addition, exempt employees are periodically appointed to many of the university's standing committees.

As vacancies occur on these committees, the EEA chair sends emails to all exempt employees asking for volunteers.