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The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) is designed to give students with ANY two-year applied or technical degree the opportunity to advance their careers by furthering their education. This dynamic program adds the business component to the technical knowledge area to make the student more marketable in their knowledge area. Industry tells us they need workers who can be promoted from the entry-level positions, who are problem solvers, good communicators, and team leaders.

In the BAS-ITAM program, you will learn such subjects as project management, customer relationship management, leadership/supervision, business communications -- all soft-skill subjects that, when layered on top of the applied skills, make a well-rounded, promotable person in any industry.

While the program is available completely online, several hybrid classes each quarter are offered on this campus for those starting the program.

Application Process

Application for admission to Central Washington University is available on our website at Submit official electronic transcripts to CWU-Ellensburg from any colleges or universities you have attended. Submit a final official transcript once your community college applied or technical degree is posted. Once accepted to CWU and matriculated, students then apply to the BAS-ITAM program by visiting

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the BAS-ITAM program must meet the following admission requirements before admittance into the program. A world language is not required.

  • Completion of an applied or technical degree program in any content area from any Washington State Community or Technical College.
  • At least 40 credits in an applied or technical field.
  • Be accepted and matriculated to Central Washington University.



ADMG 201 Introduction to Business3
ADMG 271 Business Math Applications4
ADMG 302 Financial Analysis for Administrative and IT Support5
ADMG 371 Administrative Management4
ADMG 372 Leadership and Supervision4
ADMG 374 Project Management5
ADMG 385 Business Communication and Report Writing5
RMT 340 Principles of Selling4
RMT 366 Customer Relationship Management4
Total Core Requirements38
Choose one of the following specializations: 

Administrative Management Specialization Requirement

ADMG 424 Administrative Management Policy4
ADMG 471 Contemporary Issues in Administrative Management4
ADMG 490 Internship*7-10
IT 260 Integrated Information Technology Application Projects5
IT 359 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications3
Total Administrative Management Specialization23-26
*Elective courses may be substituted for those who have more than 2,000 documented hours of work experience in the administrative management field.

Information Technology Specialization Requirements

IT 301 Information Technology Security, Privacy, and Ethics3
IT 376 Project Management and Information Technology3
IT 461 Systems Analysis4
IT 462 Systems Design4
IT 486 Critical Issues in Information Technology4
IT 490 Internship*7-10
Total Information Technology Specialization25-28
*Elective courses may be substituted for those who have more than 2,000 documented hours of work experience in the information technology field.
Additional Requirements 
This major requires significant study in the upper-division level. This includes the completion of the CWU Breadth requirements and four of the Basic Skills requirements. One class in each Breadth category is required. An equivalent class from a community college may be accepted. To learn more about transfer equivalencies, please visit
CWU Basic Skill ENG 101 or community/technical college equivalent4
CWU Basic Skill ENG 102 or community/technical college equivalent4
CWU Basic Skill Math or community/technical college equivalent5
CWU Basic Skill Basic Reasoning/Logic or community/technical college equiv4-5
Literature and the Humanities4-5
The Aesthetic Experience4-5
Philosophy and Cultures of the World4-5
Perspectives on the Cultures and Experiences of the US4-5
Perspectives on World Cultures4-5
Foundations of Human Adaptations and Behavior4-5
Fundamental Disciplines of Physical/Biological Sciences4-5
Patterns and Connections in the Natural World4-5
Applications of Natural Science4-5


BAS-ITAM Transfer Academic Program Plan (PDF)

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