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Environmental Studies Program

College of the Sciences
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Environmental Studies Program

Student Awards and Recognition

2018-2019 Academic Year

Celebration of the Sciences - Student of Distinction Award Recipient:

Angus Brookes


Environmental Studies Scholarship Recipient:

Devlin Mee

Environmental Studies Service Award Recipients: 

Savannah Fields & Gia Landis


Dean's Scholars:

Angus Brookes, Emelio Guevara, Carina LeFave

2019 SOURCE Presenters: 

Nicholas DeHollander - Impact of Hurricane Patricia on Spring Temperature in a Tropical Deciduous Forest in Mexico

Riley Blanchard - Elemental and Mineralogical Characterization of Light Absorbing Particles in Seasonal Snow and Glacial Ice using Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy on a Scanning Electron Microscope

Mohannad Dahlawi - Past and Present Developments along Jeddah’s Red Sea Coast

Max Taylor - Lizard Occurrence and Ectoparasite Load in a Mexican Tropical Dry Forest

Xiangyu Wen - Improved Recycling Labeling on Campus


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