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Environmental Studies Program

College of the Sciences

ENST 499 - Campus Sustainability

ENST499 Campus Sustainability

Offerred spring quarter
Faculty: Susan Kaspari (
ENST499 Campus Sustainability is a solutions oriented sustainability class, in which students participate in self-directed, place based, and user-oriented projects to improve environmental, social and/or economic sustainability at CWU. 



Student Sustainability Project Posters


Pollinator Garden Project

Graphic Design Project

CWU Trees project

Chicken Farm Project

Publicizing Sustainability Projects Project

Bike Friendly Campus Project

Highlighting CWU Sustainability to Prospective Students

Transitioning CWU's Vehicle Fleet to Hybrid/Electric Project

Getting Excess Food to Low Income Students Project
Development of a Green Office Program Project

Project Creating a Bee Maintenance Schedule

Development of Sustainable Gardening Education for Adults



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