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Environmental Studies Program

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Environmental Studies Program
Science II Rm. 111 a/b
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Dylan Attix

After school, it took me a while to find a job in my field, but eventually found a position in Wenatchee as a crew member in the Washington Conservation Corp, an AmeriCorp program managed through the Washington State Department of Ecology. This temporary position has given me the opportunity to work in several different kinds of projects, from fire fuel reduction in forests to trail work to habitat restoration. I plan on using it as a springboard into a permanent career via the connections I have made, with particular interest in forestry and fires, although I am open to almost any environmental position.

We live in critical times for the environment. With carbon levels reaching new heights, ecosystems being destroyed left and right, and heatwaves gripping the earth, we can't afford not to take action. Indeed, this concern of our climate, environment and natural resources was what led to me changing course from a teaching degree to pursue environmental sciences. The environmental science program at CWU offers a wonderful desert and dry forest laboratory where students can feel firsthand the importance of several of our most critical issues. Everyone should consider this degree when applying to the school, because in times like these, we need as many hands on deck as we can to preserve our resources and planet for future generations.

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