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Environmental Studies Program




The Environmental Studies Program is part of CWU's Center for the Environment.

The CWU Environmental Studies Program  was established in the 1970's to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental issues. The program features team-taught courses including two high-enrollment General Education courses that are currently taught by faculty from the Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Geology, Politcial Science, and Sociology departments. In 2008, the Environmental Studies Program began offering a new Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree in Environmental Studies in addition to the previously existing Environmental Studies Minor. Faculty at CWU are involved in a broad array of environmental research in fields such as biology, resource management, atmospheric chemistry, enviromental social movements and watershed studies.  

As of Fall 2016, the Environmental Studies Major is a

B.S. in Environmental Sciences

Application to the Environmental Sciences Major

Application to the Environmental Studies Minor


ENST Course Descriptions 

ENST Course Offerings 4 YR Plan


Tentative Course Schedules:

Fall 2018Winter 2019Spring 2019Summer 2019Fall 2019
ENST 201ENST 202ENST 201ENST 202*ENST 201
ENST 304ENST 300*ENST 300ENST 310*ENST 300
ENST 310ENST 360ENST 303 ENST 304
 ENST 444ENST 304 ENST 310
 ENST 455ENST 330  
 ENST 499ENST 398  
  ENST 487  
  ENST 499  

*Toffered online

To apply for the Environmental Studies Major or Minor, print the application and contact Interim-Program Director, Dr. Carey Gazis to schedule a meeting, for consultation and signature.  It is advisable to arrange a meeting time via e-mail.

* ENST Students Facebook Group (information on interships, job ads, etc. Click here for more information)



Environmental Biology

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Geography                                     

Environmental Geology

Environmental Policy




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