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College of Arts and Humanities

TESOL Certificate Program

The TESOL Certificate Program fosters the awareness, understanding, and foundational skills necessary for the effective teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Through hands-on experience tutoring and teaching and through coursework in language, culture, and pedagogy, this program prepares educators to work with language learners in the United States and abroad. The TESOL Certificate Program is a university certificate, which does not provide a teaching license/endorsement for K-12 schools in the United States.

Required Courses:

  • ENG 320 – English Grammar (5)
  • ENG 420 – English Linguistics (5)
  • ENG 431 – Principles and Practices of TESOL (5)
  • ENG 437 – Pedagogical Grammar and Discourse (5)
  • ENG 490 – Cooperative Education (For Off-campus Field Experience Credits: 5) or ESL 492 – TESOL Certificate Practicum (For On-campus Field Experience Credits: 5)

Total Credits: 25

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