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Creative Writing Club

About & Purpose

Have you ever written something you've never had a chance to share? At the Creative Writing Club, we provide a space to share your work with other writers,
develop your writing skills, collaborate and discuss writing. We are open to students of all levels of writing experience and all different voices. We encourage everyone to write and we believe everyone's voice should be heard. Artistic expression is part of what makes us human. Writing helps our soul to flourish and grow.

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The Creative Writing Club is a space to meet and socialize with other creative writers of all kinds and engage with many different voices and styles. Through sharing our work, we can expose ourselves to a greater writing diversity and expand our artistic vocabulary. We will have many opportunities to collaborate with other artists too. 

Each month we will host Writing Workshops where members will create themed submissions and share them with the club. These will encompass a wide variety of creative writing forms such as short stories, poetry, playwrighting, screenwriting, creative non-fiction, etc., so writers can increase their literary versatility.

We welcome anyone to join the club and share their work at any time. They can receive specialized feedback from multiple perspectives to cultivate everyone's unique styles. Everyone's voice is worthwhile.

We will also hold discussions where we analyze and interpret different forms of writing together, i.e. movies, plays, TV, books. 

Organizational Information

Contact Dr. Welsh if you are interested in participating in the creative writing club.

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