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College of Arts and Humanities

Graduate Faculty Photos


Bobby Cummings, Ph.D.

English Education Coordinator

Office: MICH 104
(509) 963-1075   

When emailing Dr. Cummings, please use Arial Black font, size 18.
Teaching interests: English Education

George Drake, Ph.D.


Office: L&L 416 C
(509) 963-1552

Teaching interests: British literature,  Literature Theory                                                      

Loretta Gray, Ph.D.

General Education Coordinator

Office: L&L 403 D
(509) 963-1540 

Teaching interests: Linguistics, TESOL, Teaching  Composition                                

Lila Harper, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer

Online Only 

Teaching interests: British Literature, General Education

Charles X. Li, Ph.D.


Office: L&L 416 B
(509) 963-1598 

Teaching interests: Linguistics, TESOL

Lisa Norris, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor

Office: L&L 408 E 
(509) 963-1745

Teaching interests: Creative Nonfiction, Fiction Writing

Paulus Pimomo, Ph.D.


Office: L&L 408 F

Teaching interests: British Literature, Postcolonial Studies                                                                              

Chris Schedler, Ph.D


Office: Samuelson 118 D
(509) 963-1357  

Teaching interests: American Literature and Multicultural Literature

Katharine Whitcomb, MFA

Professor, Department Chair
Writing Specialization Coordinator

Office: L&L 423 B
(509) 963-1530  

Teaching interests: Creative Writing



Staff Directory


Rhonda Muller
Secretary Supervisor
Office: L&L 423
(509) 963-1550

Krislon Rhynes
Office Assistant 3
Office: L&L 423
(509) 963-1546

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