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Technology Education Student Resources

  • Students are encouraged to become members of the Central Technology Education Association (CTEA).  The CTEA is a student educational organization devoted to the development and advancement of technology education at Central Washington University and in the state of Washington.

    The purpose of the CTEA is to:

    1. To define, stimulate, and strive for the ideal form/s of technology education;

    2. To promote technology education as a vital, integral aspect of education for all students at all educational levels throughout the state of Washington;

    3. To encourage educators and others to keep instructional content, methods, and facilities current with the changes in industry, technology, occupations, and careers;

    4. To assist CTEA members in graduation and job placement;

    5. To assist CTEA members in their professional growth;

    6. All members shall be encouraged to join and support the Washington Industrial Technology Education Association, (W.I.T.E.A.)


    Students who become members of CTEA also become student members of the Washington Industrial Technology Education Association (WITEA). Washington Industrial Technology Education Association

    Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships exclusive to technology students at CWU.  They currently include:

    1. Jere Cary,

    2. Owen J. Shadle Memorial, and

    3. William and Jackie Wallace.


Get the Tech. Ed. handbook here: Handbook

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