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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

Technology Education Broad Area Major

Advisor: Scott Calahan (509)-963-3218

This bachelor of science teaching major satisfies the endorsement for Technology Education (5-12).

The technology education broad area programs prepares you to teach technology based on courses at the middle school and high school level. Students selecting this major also CHEM 111, MATH 153, and PHYS 111, a well as the professional education program requirements.

Required CoursesCredits
EET 221/221 LABBasic Electricity and Laboratory5
EET 312Basic Electronics5
IET 145Machine Woodworking4
IET 160Computer Aided Design and Drafting4
IET 265Energy Sources and Power3
IET 385Product Design and Development4
IET 430Methods of Teaching Industrial Education3
IET 433Industrial Education Laboratory Planning3
IET 435Technology Education Exit Assessment1
MET 255Metal Machining4
MET 310Hydraulics and Pneumatics4
MET 345Production Technology4
MET 357Welding/Fabrication4
MET 382Plastics and Composites4
OCED 410Career and Technical Education School
to Work Program
SHM 325Manufacturing Safety3
 7-10 credits by advisement 
Total Credits: 70-73