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Solar Decathlon Build Challenge National Collegiate Competition

Project Description:

CWU Students and Faculty are partnering with local homeowners to compete on the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Build Challenge. Solar Decathlon Build Challenge is a two-year global collegiate competition between September 2021 and August 2023.

Prof. Darryl Fuhrman is the faculty coach, leading a multi-disciplinary team of junior and senior students.  The students represent the programs of construction management, mechanical engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, and safety and health management.  There is also opportunity available for students who could help with public outreach and education.    

The new construction of the Solar Decathlon project is a steel arch house with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, one living room, one kitchen, and one garage for three cars and a workshop.

The residence is an innovative steel arch-style building working toward demonstration of an affordable and eco-friendly design. This house fits on the back of a semi for quick and easy shipment. It is eco-friendly in terms of using steel in place of timber. It is made to minimize environmental impact and construction waste. This solar powered house design will be net-zero energy. To achieve this, it will use energy efficient appliances and solar panels. During low power generation, energy will be pulled from the grid. During times of high production, the solar-generated electricity will be fed onto the grid.  We hope to showcase a house that can be adopted in many locations for form, function, and affordability.


The ten contests of the Decathlon are 1) Architecture, 2) Engineering, 3) Innovation, 4) Energy, 5) Water, 6) Health and Comfort, 7) Home Life, 8) Appliance, 9) Communications, and 10) Market Potential.

Our nonprofit collaboration and educational partnership offer students community- and service-based learning experiences and fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement. We seek contributions, sponsors, and donations to the project to help us complete the Solar Decathlon Build Challenge and the new construction of the residence. Please contact Prof. Darryl Fuhrman at for partnerships, sponsorships, and donations related to the Solar Decathlon Build project. Additionally, you may contact the student team Lead, Zachary Dalseg at For more information about the Construction Management program contact Dr. Warren Plugge at

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