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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Constructions
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Safe Operating Procedures

SOPs outlines a process to assist with the development of workplace-specific Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for plant, equipment, hazardous chemicals, work tasks and processes that have the potential to cause harm to persons, plant, material or the environment (Source: Each Hogue lab shall have SOP or JHA documentation, as well as equipment-specific SOPs that are used for training each equipment user.

ETSC SOP Template

The course instructor is responsible to brief students on all SOPs, enforce the use of SOPs, clean-up activities, and room/equipment security. Students are responsible to comply with all SOPs and PPE requirements. The competent instructor or designee that unlocks the door to a lab for student use outside of scheduled class time is responsible for verifying lab users are trained and authorized in safety, relevant SOPs, clean-up, and room/equipment security. Refer ETSC safety policy for more information regarding SOPs.

The following table will take you to a page containing lab-specific SOPs (content coming).

HogueRoom Name
103Clean Construction Lab
105Dirty Construction Lab
106Interdisciplinary Lab
 Grinder Room
107Machine Shop
 Paint Shop
108Wood Shop
127Materials Lab
131Power Tech
204EET Lab I
207EET Lab II
208Tech Ed Lab
211Senior Projects
229Safety Lab II
230Safety Lab I
400Working Roof
AllHogue Emergency Plan
AllHogue Evacuation Plan


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