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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

College of Education and Professional Studies

RISM Curriculum

The 100% online BAS-RISM and BS-RISM degrees will fill an important gap for students from the Pacific Northwest seeking to expand their skills and knowledge in risk and safety management area, but cannot relocate to Ellensburg or working professionals who cannot adjust their schedules to pursue an education in a traditional setting. This online program is designed to meet the needs of the place-bound students by providing a one of its kind, rigorous, and flexible degree option. Curriculum and program focus areas were developed based on feedback from members of our industry partners with over 300 years of experience between them.

Degree Requirements

In order to receive a degree from CWU, a student must complete CWU General Education requirements and the RISM major requirements. Between the transfer credits, CWU General Education requirements, and the major, a student must meet the 180 credit requirements.

BS Degree = CWU General Education Requirements + RISM Majors Requirements + Applicable Transfer Credits + Foreign Language = 180 credits

BAS Degree = CWU General Education Requirements + RISM Majors Requirements + Applicable Transfer Credits + AAS Degree = 180 credits

Note: If you have a Direct Transfer Agreement AA degree (DTA), you automatically meet the CWU general education requirements.

CWU General Education Requirements

Part I First Year Experience

  • First Year Experience (waived if you have more than 45 transfer credits for AY 20-21)
  • Academic Writing l: Critical Reading & Responding (we recommend ENG 101)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (ECON 130/MATH 130 and BUS 221 are included in your major)

Part II Knowledge Areas

One class in each Knowledge Area and at least three courses in a single Pathway is required. An equivalent class from a community college may be accepted. Three courses that are in the knowledge area are also included in your major.

  • Academic Writing ll: Reasoning & Research (we recommend ENG 102)
  • Community, Culture, & Citizenship (MKT 360 and BUS 241 are included in your major)
  • Creative Expression
  • Global Dynamics
  • Humanities
  • Individual & Society (ECON 201, MGT 380, and HRM 381 are included in your major)
  • Physical & Natural World
  • Science & Technology (ACCT 301 is included in your major)

Part III Culminating Experience

  • Capstone Course (SHM 490 is included in your major)

Total General Education Credits: 53-64

RISM Major Requirements

Foundational Courses (18-19 credits)

  • ECON 130 Foundations for Business Analytics (5) OR MATH 130 Finite Mathematics (5)
  • ENG 310 Technical Writing (4) OR ADMG 385 Business Communications and Report Writing (5)
  • COM 345 Business and Professional Speaking (4)
  • BUS 221 Introduction to Business Statistics (5)

Safety Management Core (17 credits)

  • SHM 301 Fundamentals of Safety and Health Management (3)
  • SHM 325 Manufacturing Safety and Health (3)
  • SHM 351 Incident Analysis (3)
  • SHM 371 Emergency Planning and Preparedness (4)
  • SHM 474 Safety and Health Management Systems (4)

Risk and Insurance Core (31 credits)

  • SHM 353 Risk and Insurance (4)
  • SHM 450 Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance (3)
  • SHM 451 Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance (3)
  • SHM 452 Risk Management for Public Entities (4) OR SHM 453 Construction Risk and Insurance Mgmt (4) OR Department Approved Related Course (4)        
  • SHM 454 Risk Management Principles and Practices (4)
  • SHM 455 Risk Assessment and Treatment (4)
  • SHM 456 Risk Financing for SHM (4)
  • SHM 482 Evolving Issues in Risk Management (1)
  • SHM 490 Cooperative Education (1-12) (Must be taken for at least 6 credits)

Plus Required Business Minor Core (30 credits)

  • ACCT 301 Accounting Skills for Non-Business Majors (5)
  • BUS 241 Legal Environment of Business (5)
  • ECON 201 Principles of Economics Micro (5)
  • HRM 381 Management of Human Resources (5)
  • MKT 360 Principles of Marketing (5)
  • MGT 380 Organizational Management (5)

BS Degree Program Total Credits: 98-99 credits

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