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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

College of Education and Professional Studies

Bachelor of Science in Risk, Insurance, and Safety Management (BS-RISM)

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What is a Bachelor of Science Degree?

The Bachelor of Science degree designation is reserved for those undergraduate programs which emphasize the study of science, or a technical or professional field. They include the general education requirements and major requirements (courses in safety management, risk management, insurance, and businss administration).

When and where will classes be offered for this program?

The program is also available as a 100% online program that provides all required courses through an online format.

Who can enroll in this program?

CWU is working hard to forge new partnerships with states throughout the U.S. Please visit: to see the most current list of states where CWU is authorized to offer fully online programs.

If your state is not listed yet, we may not be able to accept you for admission into a fully online degree program offered at CWU. Acceptance will depend on CWU gaining authorization to offer the online program in your state. The authorization process could take some time to complete. Please send us an email at Michael Andler to start the authorization process.

Will I be able to access financial aid?


To learn more about financial aid for the CWU-Ellensburg campus, go to

To learn more about financial aid for the CWU Centers Program, go to

Will International students be accepted to the major?

Yes and No.

International students able to live in Ellensburg and take classes may be accepted to the major if they meet the Admission Requirements. But our program does not have enough face-to-face classes to satisfy the F1 Visa requirements at any other location.

What are the Admission Requirements for the BAS major?

Applications are accepted throughout the academic year. Students are required to consult with an advisor before submitting their application. During the application process, the submission of a resume and personal statement (goals & career plan) is required for professional admission to the program. In addition, the following requirements should be met for admission into the degree:

  • Minimum grade of C in ENG 101 and ENG 102 OR equivalent
  • Good Academic standing the quarter prior to admission
  • CWU/Transfer Combined cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.25 or above at the time of application


A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) is required in each of the courses used to satisfy the BS-RISM degree program. Students must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 in the major coursework to be eligible for the degree.

How do I check to see if any of my community college courses are equivalent to the CWU general education classes?

CWU's transfer equivalency site (click here) can help you better understand how your courses will transfer to CWU. If you cannot find your school or course, it means there is not yet an existing equivalency. Please contact our office at or (509) 963-3523 for further information.

If you have a Direct Transfer Agreement AA degree (DTA) degree, you automatically meet the CWU general education requirements.

What steps do I take to apply for the program?

Apply and be accepted to CWU. To begin the application process for CWU, you can follow this link:

Once you have been accepted to the university, you can apply for the Bachelor of Science major by contacting Mr. Michael Hammes; Email: or Michael Andler

How will I meet all the General Education requirements?

Reach out to Mr. Michael Hammes; Email: to discuss your options and which courses are part of the General Education requirement and the major.

How many credits can I transfer toward my CWU degree?

Students may transfer no more than 135 credits to CWU, including a maximum of 105 credits of community college (100-200 level) coursework. The CWU Office of the Registrar evaluates all transfer credits based upon official transcripts. To be eligible for graduation you must complete 75 credits (at least 45 from CWU) at a baccalaureate-granting institution. Extension credit including correspondence courses earned at other schools or the military may not exceed 45 credits. At least 60 credits of upper division (300-400 level) coursework is required for graduation.

I have taken more than 105 credits from a two-year college (or more than 135 credits including those from a four-year college). What will happen to my other credits?

The CWU credit transfer limits relate to our graduation requirements. You need at least 180 credits to graduate from CWU. This means that a community college transfer student must take at least 75 credits at CWU to graduate. Transfer students from four-year schools must take at least 45 credits at CWU to graduate. Regardless of how many excess transfer credits you may have, you will not have to retake any CWU courses if you have already completed the equivalent courses at other institutions. However, you will still have to complete the minimum number of credits at CWU required for graduation.

Who will be my advisor?

To start with, Mr. Michael Hammes; Email: will be your professional advisor to assist with the course transfer, etc. Your major advisor will be Michael Andler At the beginning of your program, the advisor will help you plan your program and choose your classes.

Still have more questions? Email us at: Michael Andler!

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