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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

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Public Health and Risk Management Minor/Certificate

About the Public Health and Risk Management Minor or Certificate 

Are you looking for the opportunity to learn about crisis management, enterprise risk, and training that will prepare you to understand organizational public health risks?  The Public Health and Risk Management minor or certificate program, a partnership between the Department of Health Sciences and Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction, will give you the chance to learn about these key concepts and responses.

Engineering students walking towards their graduation ceremony in hard hatsWhy Study Public Health and Risk Management at Central? 

The Public Health and Risk Management minor or certificate is available to both matriculated and non-matriculated students.  Current CWU students can utilize this degree in combination with numerous majors to enhance career opportunities and gain a competitive edge in a fast-growing field.  If you are passionate about occupational safety, health, and helping organizations better prepare for public health crises and mitigate their impacts, this online program is meant for you. 

Degree Explanation

PHRM minor and certificate applications are accepted for this online program throughout the year, and typically, the students start in the fall quarter. For details about the application procedures, contact the ETSC Department.  Additional information regarding cost can be found on the registrar.

For additional information regarding admission requirements, required and elective courses, ect., please reference the 2022-2023 Academic Catalog.   

Students should complete the requirements for the minor or certificate with a 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0) as a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) in the coursework.  A minimum grade of “C” is required in each of the courses used to satisfy the minor or certificate. 


Quarters Offered

PUBH 230 - Foundations of Public and Community Health (4)

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

PUBH 380 - Epidemiology (4)

Winter and Summer

SHM 371 - Emergency Planning and Preparedness (4)


      OR PUBH 411 - Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Management (4)


SHM 454 Risk Management Principles and Practices (4)


SHM 455 Risk Assessment and Treatment (4)


Careers and Outcomes

Upon completing this program, you will have gained an understanding of the following: 

  • Define professional and ethical responsibilities of risk management professionals.  
  • Describe the fundamental theories of risk management. 
  • Explain the collaborative role that public health plays in mitigating risk. 
  • Examine, interpret, and apply data to manage hazards and risks. 
  • Identify and describe various risks and the techniques to manage them. 
  • Develop a comprehensive emergency management plan. 
  • Demonstrate the broad application of epidemiology to risk management. 

Graduates of the Public Health and Risk Management minor or certificate program go on to obtain careers in a variety of rewarding settings.  This minor or certificate also complements several majors at CWU.

Questions? Contact us. 

Michael Andler
Program Coordinator, Senior Lecturer

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