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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

College of Education and Professional Studies

Mission, Objectives, & Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Safety and Health Management program mission is to prepare students to be excellent, industry-ready safety professionals who have the confidence and leadership capabilities to navigate the complex organizational and knowledge networks necessary to succeed in contemporary safety and health management.


SHM Core (Aspirational) Values

The SHM program is committed to achieving the following shared values:

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership


Program Educational Objectives for the Safety and Health Management (SHM) Program

  1. Graduates will be employed in the safety and health discipline or a career of their choice upon graduation.
  2. Graduates will be prepared to develop,implement, and manage occupational safety and health programs within a diverse workplace.
  3. Graduates will continue their life-long learning through contribution to professional safety societies and organizations, professional activities and training, the pursuit of higher educational degrees, and individual professional development.
  4. Graduates will act in an inclusive,professional and ethical manner.
  5. Graduates will have good communication skills and are able to effectively work in teams.


SHM Student Outcomes for the B.S. in Safety and Health Management (SHM) Program

  1. Identify, formulate, and solve broadly defined technical or scientific problems by applying knowledge of mathematics and science and/or technical topics to areas relevant to the discipline.
  2. Formulate or design a system, process, procedure or program to meet desired needs.
  3. Develop and conduct experiments or test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data and use scientific judgment to draw conclusions.
  4. Communicate effectively with a range of audiences.
  5. Understand ethical and professional responsibilities and the impact of technical and/or scientific solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts.
  6. Function effectively on teams that establish goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, and analyze risk and uncertainty.
  7. Recognize the need to engage in life-long learning in a chosen professional career.


Enrollment and Graduation Data

The following table shows the recent enrollment and graduation figures for the Bachelor of Science degree program in Safety and Health Management.

Academic Year Enrollment BS Degrees Awarded
2021 - 22 72 26
2020 - 21 80 26
2019 - 20 120 37
2018 - 19 117 27
2017 - 18 98 34
2016 - 17 111 41


Class of 2022

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