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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

College of Education and Professional Studies

Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) Curriculum

Required Courses

CHEM 111 - Introduction to Chemistry Credits:4
CHEM 111LAB - Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Credits{C}{C}{C}1
CHEM 181 - General Chemistry I Credits plus 1 credit lab4
EET 221 - Basic Electricity Credits4
EET 271 - Digital Circuits Credits4
ETSC 160 - Computer-aided Design and Drafting Credits4
ETSC 241 - Programmable Logic Controller Applications Credits4
ETSC 242 - Instrumentation Credits4
ETSC 301 - Engineering Project Cost Analysis Credits4
ETSC 380 - Quality Control Credits4
ETSC 385 - Product Design and Development Credits4
ETSC 442 - Alternative Energy Resources and Technology Credits5
ETSC 455 - Engineering Project Management Credits4
ETSC 490 - Cooperative Education Credits: (1-12) (Must be taken for 4 credits) 
IT 101, Computer Applications3
MET 310 - Hydraulics/Pneumatics Credits4
MET 345 - Lean Manufacturing Credits4
MET 351 - Metallurgy/Materials and Processes Credits4
PHYS 111 - Introductory Physics I with Laboratory Credits5
SHM 325 - Manufacturing Safety and Health Credits3

Select one of the following Credits: 4-5

ADMG 385 - Business Communications and Report Writing Credits5
ENG 310 - Technical Writing Credits4
Total Required Courses Credit: 82-83 

Technical Specialization

    Courses by advisement.
Total Specialization Credits: 27-29
Total Credits: 109-112
Additional Information
Transfer students MUST complete a minimum of 25 credits from the ETSC Department.


Note: Transfer students must complete a minimum of 25 credits from the ETSC Department.

Areas of Specialization

Please meet with an adviser to define your course of study.
Below are some suggested topics of interest.

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