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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

EET : Curriculum

The Electronics Engineering Technology program offers two specializations: Electronic Systems and Computer Engineering Technology. The Electronic Systems Specialization is for students who are interested in power systems, process control, and other electronics related fields. The Computer Engineering Technology specialization is for students who are interested in embedded controllers microprocessors, computer programming, and related electronic or computer related fields.

Students interested in pursuing Engineering or Graduate degrees should plan on taking PHYS 181, 182, 183 and MATH through differential equations.

Courses Required for Entrance

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Electronics Engineering Technology Major, BS

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EET 221Basic Electricity4
EET 312Basic Electronics4
EET 313Electrical Networks4
EET 323Active Linear Circuits4
EET 324Advanced Electrical networks4
EET 370Programming Applications in Technology4
EET 371Digital Circuits4
EET 372Advanced Digital Circuits4
EET 375Microprocessor Applications4
EET 376Microprocessors and Instrumentation4
CS 110Programming Fundamentals I4
ETSC 301Engineering Project Cost Analysis4
ETSC 380Quality Control4
ETSC 455Project Management4
MATH 172Calculus I5
MATH 173Calculus II5
Math Elective3-5
Physics Elective15
Written Communications Elective3-5
Speech Elective3-4
Elective Sequence24
Capstone Sequence6
EET Core and Electives Total134

CWU EET 4-Year Course Plan


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