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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Constructions
Hogue 101
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Dr. Jeunghwan "John" Choi

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Hogue Technology Building, Room 203I, Ext. 1596

Office Hours Posted outside office door

Applied Thermodynamics
Fluid Dynamics
Heat Transfer
Senior Project


PhD Mechanical Engineering, 2008, University of Minnesota
MS  Mechanical EngineAppering, 1997, Hanyang University
BS  Mechanical Engineering, 1995, Hanyang University

Work Experience
Assistant Professor (2018 – Present) Central Washington University
Assistant Professor (2014 – 2018) East Carolina University
Research Associate (2008 – 2014) University of Minnesota
Mechanical Engineer (1997 – 2002) Hyundai Motor Company


Thermal Therapies


Heat Transfer



J. Choi, C. Pringle, C. Johnson, Free-form Additive Manufacturing Lab, Contributed Papers from Materials Science and Technology 2019 (MS&T19) September 29–October 3, 2019, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, USA DOI 10.7449/2019/MST_2019_246_253


F. Liu, P. Roy, Q. Shao, C. Jiang, J. Choi, C. Chung, D. Mehra, & J.Bischof, The Role of Protein Loss and Denaturation in Determining Outcomes of Heat, Cryotherapy and Irreversible Electroporation on Cardiomyocytes, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering ,2018,  doi:10.1115/1.4039375


J. Choi, and J. Bischof, Thermal thresholds of cardiovascular HL-1 cell destruction by cryothermal exposure, Cryobiology, 2017,


H. Natesan, W. Hodges, J. Choi, S. Lubner, C. Dames, J. Bischof, A micro-thermal sensor for focal therapy applications,  Scientific reports 6 (2016): 21395 doi:10.1038/srep21395


S. Lubner, J. Choi, G. Wehmeyer, B. Waag, V. Mishra, H. Natesan, J. Bischof, C. Dames, Reusable bi-directional 3ω sensor to measure thermal conductivity of 100-μm thick biological tissues, Review of Scientific Instruments 86, 2015, 014905, DOI: 10.1063/1.4905680

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