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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Constructions
Hogue 101
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Craig Johnson, Ph.D., P.E.


Contact Information
Phone(509) 963.1118

Hogue HT 203J

MET 351Metallurgy & Material Sci
MET 489 A/B/CMET Senior Project
MET 382Plastics and Composites
MET 483Ceramics and Composites
MET 257Casting Processes
MET 426Applications in Strength Matls
ETSC 457Advanced Foundry












In the News

  • Awarded JCATI annual project funding since 2017.
  • Craig Johnson was recognized in 2012 as the American Society for Engineering Education, Pacific Northwest Section “Outstanding Teacher.”


  • P.E. (Materials Engineering) in two states (WA and NJ).
  • Pilot and manufactured N76EQ (a Sonex aircraft).
  • Industrial experience in aerospace engineering (NDE/Space Station, SPF/B1, Coatings/X-30)
  • Dr. Johnson is the Foundry Educational Foundation ‘Key Professor’ and he manages an industrial scale green sand foundry’


Craig Johnson joined Central Washington University in 1996 and participated in securing ABET accreditation for the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program.  He consults using his licensure in Materials Engineering (WA36590), and supports the Pacific Northwest foundry industry as the Foundry Educational Foundation ( ‘Key Professor’.  He is a past ASEE Materials Division Chair and past ASEE PNW Section Chair; still active in research (  He is also the CWU Technical Partner for the NSF MatEdU ATE (   

Selected Works

Johnson, CH., Monrow, J, Minasyan., “Recycle Processor for Commercial Aircraft Wing Trimmings,” THERMEC’ 2018, Paris, France, 2018.

Johnson, CH., Hortman, M., “Water Rocket Design,” NSF ATE Materials Technology (MatEdU) Module (, 2017.

Johnson, CH., Pringle, C., “Application of Life Cycle Analysis to Systems in an Introductory Materials Course”, ASEE Annual Conference, 2015.

Johnson, CH., Pringle, C., “Creation of a New Advising Metric to Develop Viable Independent Senior Projects”, ASEE Annual Conference, 2015.

Johnson, CH., Pringle, C, Davis, N, “Measuring the Impact of Internships on Design Skills Using a Materials Activity,” ASEE Annual Conf. 2013.

Johnson, CH., “Table-top Panel Fab”, , 2012

Johnson, CH., “Asynchronous Use of Educational Videos”, ASEE Annual Conf, 2011

Johnson, C.H., “Effectiveness of Video in Casting Education”, ASEE Annual Conf, 2010

Johnson, C.H., “Casting Castings”, National Educators Workshop, ASEE Annual Conf, 2008 (MatEd ATE Module)

Johnson, C.H., “Composite Column Design/Test Lab”, National Educators Workshop 2007, ASEE Conf, 2008

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