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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Constructions
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Craig Johnson, Ph.D., P.E.

Emeritus Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Contact Information

Phone (509) 963.1118

Hogue HT 203J

  B.S. Educ UMN, BSME WY
MET 351 Metallurgy & Material Sci
MET 489 A/B/C MET Senior Project
MET 382 Plastics and Composites
MET 483 Ceramics and Composites
MET 257 Casting Processes
MET 426 Applications in Strength Materiials
ETSC 457 Advanced Foundry













Washington State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering Science, 1994: Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Hamilton, C.H.

University of California at Los Angeles, Master of Science, Materials Science and Engineering, 1986: Thesis Advisor: Dr. Ono, K.

University of Wyoming, Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 1983: Advisor: Don Adams, Composite Materials Research Group

University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science, Physical Science, 1979



I promote process education and hold a secondary education degree as well as a Ph.D. in engineering science.  I enjoy education and spent a substantial amount of time with students, in labs and developing curricula, while supporting CWU and my field with research focused on mechanics and materials.


Licenses and Certifications:

Professional Engineering License Materials Science (Washington [36590] since 2000, New Jersey [24GE05180900] since 2015, Florida [89051] 2020-21)

State Secondary School Teaching Certificates (Physics, Chemistry, Math, Physical Science) in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming (1980-2).


Academic Experience:

Professor (tenured), Mechanical Engineering Technology, Central Washington University,

  Ellensburg, Washington, September 1996 – 2020.  Emeritus Professor 2020-present.

Coordinated Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET: 2005-2018) and IT/CastMetals programs (2005-2017).  Serve as Foundry Educational Foundation Key Professor (2005-present). Courses; Metallurgy, Casting Processes, Ceramics, Plastics & Composites, Strength of Materials, Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis, CAD/CAM, Industrial Design, Tool Design, Dynamics, and Aircraft Systems. 


Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Washington State University,

  Pullman, Washington, September 1995 - August 1996

Taught undergraduate lab classes (MSE320 Materials Lab, MSE323 X-ray lab) while renovating the heat treatment and optical lab facilities and the mechanical testing/forming lab. Developed new curricula in composites and polymers.


Teacher, Sheridan High School, Sheridan, Wyoming, September 1980 - June 1981

Taught physics, algebra and math. Coached the debate team and participated in community theater.


Industrial Experience:

Member of Technical Staff, Rockwell International, North American Aircraft, Lakewood, California, 1985 - 1986

Managed airframe material interface design (titanium aluminide - $1M project) on the National AeroSpace Plane (Materials Consortium: RocketDyne, Pratt-Whitney, General Dynamics, Martin Marietta)  [DOD Secret]



Senior Project Engineer and Supervisor, NDE Technology, Inc., Torrance, California, 1986 - 1987

Performed research, development, and service work of ultrasonic imaging (liquid and water storage tanks), pipeline leak location (oil and water infrastructure, spacecraft 2-phase heat exchange). Supervised two technicians in the hyper-velocity impact testing lab (Martin Marietta, Spectra™ tether, JSC meteor impact modeling). 


Engineering Education Research:

NSF ATE Materials Education Modules ( 2006 - present, four modules are listed (a search will access Dr. Johnson's work under ‘MatEdU Modules’ button). 


American Society for Engineering Education ( 1999 - present, over a dozen research papers are listed under Dr. Johnson's name.  Please search under the ‘ASEE Conferences’ tab and the search button for all of Dr. Johnson's work.


Engineering and Science Research:

Film Stability of SCC 304SS, 2000

With Dr. David Bahr, et. al, Washington State University, developed bulk mechanical SCC test of 304SS to correlate with existing nano-mechanical data (ACS-PRF Summer Fellow).


Engineering Education, 1999 - present

Ongoing effort to improve engineering curricula and delivery. Topics: 1.) student assessment skills and their incorporation into MET outcomes; 2.) using cooperative learning activities in MET courses; 3) using effective virtual computer technology to support MET courses; and 4). promoting academic CQI.


Cavitation Damage in SPF Al5083, 1996 - 1997

Designed, with Dr. Hamilton and Mr. Kannan at Washington State University, an SPF constitutive relation incorporating cavitation evolution.


In-Vitro Equine Bone Strength & Strain, 1995 - 1998

Developed full-limb transfixation pin cast configuration (with Hopper, Schneider, Ratzlaff and White).


CRADA (DOE & NASA) as RA, 1994 - 1995

Developed an SPF Al5XXX alloy (collaboration with GM, Kaiser, Boeing, Battelle PNL, and University of Michigan).


Boeing Co., GE Corp., BAe Ltd. 1989 - 1994

Created, at Washington State University, a high temperature (1000C), inert atmosphere, superplastic forming test facility.  Used deformation mechanisms and experimental data to describe grain growth and create a constitutive relation for Ti- 6%Al- 4%V. Applied instability criteria with finite element analysisto reduce process time under uniform deformation.


Lockheed, 1984-1988

With Dr. Ono (UCLA), improved fracture toughness of discontinuous SiC/2024 by analyzing deformation mechanisms (via acoustic emission, SEM and mechanical properties testing) and subsequently altering material manufacturing process parameters.


GM, US Navy, 1981 - 1983

Fabricated polymer composites/test coupons (prepreg layups and resin castings, single filaments). Performed mechanical and environmental tests and analyzed data.  Fabricated Al/Gr test coupons and performed biaxial testing (Adams' lab, University of Wyoming).


Publication Examples:

Cossette, I., Stoebe, T., Frank, J., Johnson, C., “Materials Science Education Handbook,” NSF ATE Materials Technology Education, Grant DUE 1400619, 2021.

Johnson, CH., Pringle, C, Choi, J, “Freeform Additive Manufacturing Lab,” MS&T 2019 (TMS), Portland OR, 2019.

Johnson, CH., Morrow, J, Minasyan, “Recycle Processor for Commercial Aircraft Wing Trimmings,” THERMEC’ 2018, Paris, France; Materials Science Forum, Vol.941, pp2413, 2018.



ASEE PNW Section Outstanding Teaching Award 2012

ASEE Outstanding Campus Representative Award, Zone IV, 2010

Ray H. Witt Gift Program (Outstanding Young Faculty), Foundry Educational Foundation (2001)

Frank G. Brewer National Aerospace Education Award (USAF Auxiliary).

Westinghouse Science Talent Search Semi-Finalist and International Science Fair Finalist.



Professional: Tau Beta Pi, EIT/FE/PE, ASM, TMS-AIME, ASME, ASEE.

Lay: Pilot/Builder (N76EQ), Experimental Aircraft Association, AOPA, Ham Radio(N7XEQ), 

USAF Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol), Major, Special Projects.

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