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After BattleBots and Robot Wars stopped airing on television, many events popped up to continue the hobby of robot combat. Most of these fell under the rule-sets put out by the Robot Fighting League (in the US) or the Fighting Robot Association (in the UK). Steel Conflict, based in Southern California hosted seven events from 2002 to 2004. Steel Conflict was sold in whole in 2005, and the name was changed to ComBots. In 2007, ComBots purchased the combat arena and all other assets from MMER (Minnesota Manufacturing Educational Resource). Since inception, ComBots has produced over 30 robot combat events and is currently the world's largest organizer of combat robot events. 

In a Combots event remote-controlled armed and armored machines fight in an arena combat elimination tournament. If both combat robots are still operational at the end of the match the winner is determined by a point system based on damage, aggression, and strategy.

MET Senior Project  Combat Robot "Junkyard Dog "

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.