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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

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About Risk Management

Risk Management Minor

Are you good at recognizing preventable hazards? Do you like to analyze and assess situations? Are you concerned about unnecessary property loss or personal injury? You may enjoy a rewarding career as a high-demand, risk management professional.

Our program will allow you to build a strong foundation in the science of risk management. The CWU Risk Management Minor (RMM) adds value to many degrees such as safety and health management, business administration, mathematics, actuarial science, physical sciences, engineering technologies, architecture, and many more.

The Program
Students will gain practical skills to avoid, reduce, and manage risk, and to develop and implement a balanced hazard risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrid strategies.

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“The median annual base salary for US risk management professionals is $120,000.”
— RIMS—The Risk Management Society

Any CWU student interested in improving their career opportunities can obtain the 20-credit RMM. RMM applications are accepted throughout the year, and the students typically start in the fall quarter.

For more information, contact
CWU Risk Management Minor Program
Dr. Sathyanarayanan “Sathy” Rajendran, PhD, CSP, ARM



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