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Reorganized University Leadership Team

As we continue to address the modern demands of Central’s operations, I have reorganized the university's leadership team to bring new focus to responsibility centered management (RCM).

George Clark, vice president of finance and business services/chief financial officer, will focus exclusively on university finance: budgeting, auxiliary services, finance, payroll, and enrollment management.  Sherer Holter‘s position title will be changed to vice president of operations to better reflect her responsibilities these last four years.   When Sherer retires in June, Stevan DeSoer, chief human resources officer, will assume the role of vice president of operations.  Linda Schactler, our executive director of public affairs, will add the duties of chief of staff to her current assignment.

These changes to my cabinet will address the new financial, social and political realities that confront the university.  Along with the provost, this experienced and talented team will be prepared to address an entirely different world than the one in which we operated five years ago.  In addition, this realignment will ensure that George’s fiscal savvy is able to focus on the culture change that responsibility centered management will require.  RCM is an approach to operations that drives decision-making from my office to the colleges and deans.  Each dean will have greater responsibility for setting priorities and generating their own revenue through student credit hours.  In addition, RCM emphasizes the importance of faculty shared governance in shaping our academic units. 

In addition to RCM, George and his staff will be implementing a new budgeting system and transitioning from an accounting system dependent on thousands of "project identification" numbers (PIDs) to a modern and efficient "chart of accounts."  This new system will provide a better understanding of financial health by articulating the accounts that define each class of items for which money is spent or received, and by organizing finances and segregating expenditures, revenue, assets and liabilities.

As vice president of operations, Sherer and, subsequently, Steve will lead the departments of Information Services, Information Security, Organizational Effectiveness, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Inclusivity and Diversity, and Police and Parking Services.  Sherer has provided strong operational management and has led the rapid and significant upgrade of university information systems in just a few months.  Steve brings operational understanding and knowledge of the university to this role and will ensure a smooth and transparent transition for the staff and the university.  His expertise helps to ensure that we continue to attract a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

Steve has more than 20 years of experience in higher education and shared governance, having worked at Washington State University and in the University of Alaska system prior to coming to Central.  He holds a master’s degree in education from Boston University.   A national search for the new chief human resource officer will begin immediately.

Linda will assume chief of staff responsibilities in addition to those of her current position as executive director of public affairs.  She will develop and manage special projects for me; provide coordination with campus officials, and external constituents on matters of interest to me; and will serve as the Secretary to the Board of Trustees.  Linda has the common sense, discretion, and organizational skills that this fast-paced position requires.  She has also served in a similar position as deputy director of the Higher Education Coordinating Board. 

Linda holds a master of arts in English Literature from Washington University (St. Louis). She previously operated an Olympia-based public affairs business and provided issue management and government relations services for CWU for 10 years. She served as the deputy director for the higher education coordinating board from 1996 - 2000. Prior to that she was the Director of Communications for the Washington State Senate.

I am confident that as we continue to build our infrastructure and with all the hard work and dedication by all of the staff and faculty at Central who serve our students so well, we will continue to position ourselves in the state and across the nation.

James L. Gaudino

(Memo to CWU Campus Community, January 15, 2014)