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Employee Council

CWU Employee of the Month Online Nomination Form

Please fill out the form completely, and then click on the 'Submit Nomination' button at the bottom of the page.
ALL nominations must be validated by a return email before they can be considered.

*Please note that group nominations will be counted as one nomination.

Nominations will remain active for the fiscal year only (July 1 - June 30) and will not carry over to the next year. Nominee must be an employee for at least two years and has not been an Employee of the Month in the past 24 months. Individuals who have received the Employee of the Year award are ineligible for Employee of the Month awards for 5 years following their Employee of the Year award.

Nominations should be a reflection of how truly exceptional an employee is. If your nomination doesn't contain examples of how the employee has gone above and beyond, there is a good likelihood that the nomination will not make it past the scoring committee. Please take the time to enumerate the various ways this employee is deserving of this award.
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