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Congratulations Jo Ann Ryan, June Employee of the Month!


Jo Ann Ryan
June 2017
Employee of the Month!

Jo Ann Ryan has been a civil servant for just over 30 years.  She has spent the last 12 at CWU as our internship program coordinator. 

I cannot say enough about her dedication to her job.  She is at work early and stays late when work needs to be done.  When stressful times arise Jo Ann handles it all with patience and grace.

She loves working with students, employers, faculty and staff.  She goes the extra mile to ensure that students understand what is required of them. She is not easily flustered and pays amazing attention to a lot of detail as her job includes complex data. I think her previous work experience has prepared her to handle almost any kind of person with a sense of humor!

Recently a faculty member emailed her and said, “Thank you!! I really do not know what I would do without you!”  This is a pretty typical response from people who interact with Jo Ann.  She is one of the most caring individuals and has student success as the basis for her work.

Jo Ann thoroughly deserves the recognition of Employee of the Month and is very much overdue recognition for her contributions, support, and service to Career Services, student success, and the university.

Congratulations Jo Ann!

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