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Congratulations to Amy Bolstad, September 2017 Employee of the Month!

Amy Bolstad - Learning Commons

Amy has been instrumental in keeping our department functioning during a time of significant transition. Although she had recruiters offering her higher salary elsewhere, Amy has shown commitment to her position because she truly loves the work.

She is the glue that holds us together. Her sense of humor and her genuine interest in what she does always spills over to motivate others. She is hard-working, and I never have to worry about her doing quality work. In fact, last year, our team recognized Amy with the "Fairy Godmother" award at the Student Development and Achievement end-of-year meeting. It speaks to how much she is loved by students and staff alike.

Amy is always working to better the environment of Learning Support Services. Amy's demeanor helps to create an efficient department which serves the greater CWU community through providing academic assistance to students in a comfortable environment. Amy's support is critical in the mission of Learning Support Services.

Amy comes into work each and every day with a positive, approachable attitude towards all of her employees and her boss. She is always here when she needs to be and is on top of her commitments. She makes her employees feel as though they can come to her whenever they need to. She makes us feel like we belong to something and that we are in a place with a lack of harsh judgement and criticism. Her responsibility, dedication, and enthusiasm towards her job is unparalleled by others and is deserving of an award to fully recognize that.

Congratulations Amy!

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