University Police & Parking Services
(509) 963-2959

After Hours Non-Emergency
(509) 925-8534

In an emergency call 911


About Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Campus safety is a vital concern at Central Washington University. CWU has established an Emergency Notification System (ENS) which provides multiple notice methods to alert individuals about situations that may pose a substantial threat to our community. The current components of the CWU ENS include website and desktop alerts, email alert updates, voice mail notification, text messaging, and public address systems (PA's) in police vehicles and designated buildings. In addition, CWU also has Emergency Blue Light phones located throughout campus and information available to the community regarding personal responses instructions should an emergency occur.

CWU Alert!

CWU Alert! is an internal first-response system, and is intended to notify the students, faculty and staff of CWU. In the event of a safety related incident or hazard at CWU, the CWU Alert! System may be used to notify students, faculty and staff of the occurring situation. Personnel on this system can be notified via email, phone call (land-line, cellular), and/or text message. All students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in this system. This system is not open to members of the public.

Rave Guardian App

This is an add-on to the CWU Alert! system. All students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to download the Rave Guardian app to their mobile devices and begin using on campus. Downloading this free app to your phone allows the user to receive emergency alerts via WiFi. The Rave Guardian app also has additional safety features listed in the bulleted list below.

Download App Now!

The Rave Guardian app is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you download it to your mobile device, authenticate your account with your student or employee email address and password, as well as your phone number.

Once open, Rave Guardian will display a simple interface with the following icons:

  • Inbox -- Manage official CWU emergency messages
  • Guardians -- Create a network of guardians, or "social angels," to look over you; including family, friends, and others you trust
  • Safety Timer -- Allows Guardians to access your status and location so they can alert police if you fail to check in at a designated time
  • Campus Resources - Connects you directly to campus emergency and safety resources
  • Call 9-1-1 -- Easy access to a voice call in case of an emergency
  • Travel Advisory -- Direct link to the Washington State DOT Travel Alerts for current status

Download the Rave Guardian App today.