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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 9-21-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
September 21, 2015
9:00-10:30 am, Bouillon 211

Committee Members Present: Steve DeSoer, Chris Schedler, Jesse Days, Kristi Glasgall, Gene Shoda, Joel Klucking, Fen Wang, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Melanie Palm, Mike Moon
Others Present: Jill Hernandez, Greg Harvill, Chris Pratz, Ginger McIntosh, Charlene Bane, Sue Noce, Covina Dunnihoo

Business Case(s):

  • PeopleSoft Upgrade – Jill Hernandez
    • Bundle of upgrades, 4 total. Campus Solution 9.2, PeopleTools 8.55, Oracle DB,
    • Funds being requested for next FY.
    • 1 year project vs. 3 year.
    • Using a Lab upgrade vs. in house staff.
    • 4 different options to complete the upgrade.
    • Cost for light consultant approach is incorrect in BC, correct # $678,496.00
    • Moderate consultant approach is how they would like to take on this project.
    • Cost concern: we know more, but not sure we know all. What is the impact on our services?
    • Should we be looking at bringing the expertise in? We could, but because it is only every 2-3 years we would not have work for them between those upgrades.
    • Resource chart is based on the recommended Moderate Consultant approach.
    • Gene motions to move this forward and send it on to George and the Cabinet.
    • Discussed other options to Oracle/PeopleSoft.
    • This will be moved forward to Cabinet.
  • Cellular Services Consolidation – Greg Harvill
    • Addresses cost savings and records retention.
    • Grown organically, let staff choose what they wanted and we lost the opportunity to decrease cost.
    • Problem with retaining text messaging used for CWU work.
    • This is a compliance issue that they are just catching up to with SMS/Text messaging.
    • Recommending to go with Verizon based on cost, and purchase a system “Tiger Text” to track and use an app while texting.
    • If approved, move forward, start and RFP and engage Verizon. They will send staff on site with a Verizon “booth” for staff and faculty. Provides an opportunity for the University to update, upgrade and really decide what they think is needed.
    • Could be done with initial project by Jan/Feb.
    • Issues: Verizon is lowest, but only by about $4000 (most are on AT&T). Text capture system has holes, so even if we invest in Tiger Text there is the human factor to consider.
    • What do you think is the best enterprise solution? Consolidating to one bill and providing options for a couple different types of phones.
    • What are our sister institutions doing? They are struggling as well.
    • What would it take to get a mobile device management system? A couple hundred thousand dollars.
    • The reality is we will not catch up to this, so it is a matter of the risk that the university is willing to take.
    • There is the suggestion that we are talking about 2 different things. Right now we need to take action on the cell phone piece. We need to look further into the text message piece.
    • Recommended to move forward with AT&T and pick up the pieces that we can along the way.
    • Greg will work on putting together a policy and procedure for texting retention with Toni Burvee.
  • ePerformance – HR Team: Charlene Bane, Ginger McIntosh, Sue Noce
    • Charlene presented the ePerformance BC.
    • This would reduce paper use, expedite performance development process, and allow the university to better track and utilize performance reports.
    • Our current funding ability is $150,000, Jill is working with Oracle to make this cost a reality.
    • Is there a way to get this and the other BC in front of the Cabinet? Yes.
    • Timeline on the implementation is on page 7.
    • Clarification on the cost after the first $126,000 cost.


Discussion Topic:

  • Account Naming Standard Change
    • Greg Harvill shared this update.
    • Changing the way we name network accounts, again.
    • Proposed: Username [first initial][Last name][last 4 ID], Email []
    • What about hyphens? Greg will find out more that.
    • We will do this moving forward, not changing back.
    • Steve suggested that we do move everyone, if staff/faculty sign up they will get new cards with the new email on it.
    • With approval they were going to start in a week.
    • They will provide a plan on change management.



  • ATAC - (5 min)
    • A couple items emailed out.
    • Update on etext books task force also emailed out.
    • MediaAmp will be on side 10/5, they can come do a presentation. Contact Chris to get this on the agenda.
  • BTAC - (5 min)
    • 3 solution requests that were minor.

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