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Enterprise Information System Committee

EISC Meeting Minutes 10-5-2015

Enterprise Information Systems Committee Minutes
October 5th, 2015
9:00-10:30 am, Bouillon 211

Committee Members Present: Gene Shoda, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chris Schedler, Jesse Days, Fen Wang, Kristi Glasgall, Joel Klucking,  Mike Moon

Others Present: Covina Dunnihoo, Roy Knox, Rocky Hively

Business Case(s):
None at this time

Discussion Topic:

  • ITIL Presentation
    • Gene shared a short presentation about ITIL.
    • ITIL is a series of publications, Best practice for IT service management, worldwide industry standard and management philosophy.
    • We are trying to align the business and the technology.
    • We could have chosen a different framework, but ITIL was the one we chose because we felt it fit the university and our goals best.
    • We are heading toward process oriented vs. results oriented.
    • This is part of our 2020 vision, 5 year plan.
    • We will begin staff training in the next 30 days or so.
  • Account Naming Standard Change – Gene
    • In January we changed our naming standard, it was not received well from faculty and others, so we have been looking at this differently.
    • First initial, last name, empl ID was recommended, but after review we are not liking this anymore. This technique is too easy to synthesize.
    • For now we are going back to the old standard until we can come up with a new standard.
    • New email: will still go through. We are still trying to separate email from username.
    • Is there a communication plan to get this information out? Gene is not sure, we will check into this.
  • Tickets and Solution requests
    • Reviewed TD tickets and solution requests.
    • Shared metrics from TD.
  • Ticket aging
    • Password resets
    • Customer satisfaction



  • Project Management – (15 min)
    • Reviewed 11 Projects and shared updates on the processes.
    • Projects are assigned to the different directors and managers.
  • Student Tech Fee Council
    • Updated information about STFC meeting
    • Requests that need to be followed up on
    • We need students to move forward
    • Contractual Agreement is being worked on.
  • ATAC
    • Have not met since the last EISC meeting
    • Shared the information that was handed out last week.
  • BTAC
    • Had one solutions request on 9/28 to send data to CFD, decided on every 2 weeks for that data. This was adopted and moving forward.



  • MediaAMP Rep Presentation
    • MediaAMP presented their services and how they apply to CWU.

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