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Environmental Health and Safety

EH&S Training Programs

Course Code

Course Title

esh_sah_b19_sh_enusBloodborne Pathogen Awareness
esh_sah_b23_sh_enusHazard Communication: An Employee's Right to Know
esh_sah_a39_sh_enusHeat Stress Recognition and Prevention
esh_sah_b32_sh_enusSlips, Trips, and Falls
esh_sah_a11_sh_enusSprains and Strains
esh_sah_a65_sh_enusWorkplace Safety Orientation
esh_sah_b25_sh_enusErgonomics in the Workplace
esh_sah_a64_sh_enusOffice Ergonomics
esh_sah_b83_sh_enusOffice Safety
esh_sah_b20_sh_enusFire Safety and Prevention


LNI Awareness Training

Training Documentation (Sign in Sheet)

Arc Flash
Back and Muscle Injury Prevention
Respirator Safety
Foundry Safety
Chainsaw Leg Protection
Chainsaw Safety

Danger: Chainsaw

Pesticide Safety
Confined Spaces/ Deadly Spaces
Dangers of Hot WorkDangers of Hot Work Video
Distracted Driving/ Work Zone
Ladder Safety
Emergency Washing Facilities
Ergonomic Awareness
Eye Protection
Fall Protection for Construction
Fixed Scaffolds
Falls/ Floor Openings
Fork Lift- Pedestrian Safety
Warehouse SafetyLNI Warehouse Training
Hearing Awareness
Heat Stress
Hexavalent Chromium Exposure
Leading Edge Work

Youth Safety Awareness

Warning: Viewer Discrection Is Advised

Youth Safety Awareness Video
Office Safety Office Safety Video
Pedestrian Safety
Portable Gas Powered Equipment
Preventing Hantavirus Disease
Protecting Nurses As A Valuable Resource
Sprains and Strains In Construction/ Pulling Cabels
Respiratory Protection Videos
Safe Driving Habits
Dangers of Propane Powered ForkliftsDangers of Propane Powered Forklifts Video
Forklift Safety (Stay in the cage)
Teen Workers: Real Jobs, Real Risks
Downed Power Line Safety
Vehicle Back-Over
Violence In The Workplace
Working With Stress


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