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Placement Policy - EFC 480 Student Teaching

Deadlines for Application, Deposit, Waiver, & Student Teacher Request Form

Please thoroughly review this deadline information.


Placements require that we work within well-defined procedures established by each school district.  Adherence to those procedures guarantees a strong working relationship between the university and the public schools and enhances our ability to make placements for our students.

Personal Circumstances

Extenuating personal, professional and family circumstances for areas with limited placement will not be considered.

You are responsible for arranging your own housing and transportation.  Housing and transportation issues cannot be determining factors for placement.


There is no guaranteed placement in a particular school district, school building, or with a particular Cooperating Teacher. 

Students are prohibited from attempting to arrange their placement in any manner and may not contact teachers or district personnel about a possible placement.

Only the university Field Supervisor is allowed to seek placements.  Students may not act on their own behalf nor have anyone other than the approved university Field Supervisor act on their behalf regarding placements.  Information regarding placements will be available in Black 101 as it is received. 

Not all areas of geographic preference are available as options for placement in every quarter.

No placements will be sought in areas where full-time university field supervisors are not available to seek placements.  Typically, placements are sought in areas near the university centers and main campus.

If a placement cannot be found in your major and/or certification areas in the term for which you apply, your field experience may have to be postponed.

Placement Restrictions

As a rule, you will not be placed in a school building where you:

  1. Attended and/or graduated
  2. Previously worked or currently work
  3. Have relatives working or have recently worked
  4. Have relatives or children attending or have recently attended
  5. Have a personal connection

School Districts

Individual school districts accept or deny placements based on the merits of your EFC 480 application (including your resume).  School district personnel (Human Resources directors, Principals, teachers) will read your application as part of the placement process.  You may be asked to interview in person with the Principal and/or the teacher who is considering hosting you.  The offer of a placement may depend on your ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions expected of an emerging teacher.

School districts reserve the right to decline a placement due to the availability of a cooperating teacher, district personnel and/or resources.

Notification of Placement

You will be notified of your placement by your Field Supervisor, who will notify the Office of Field Experiences when your placement has been arranged.

Withdrawal or Cancelation of Placement Request

If you withdraw from EFC 480 or cancel your placement request, you must do so in writing to Jan Case in the Office of Field Experiences immediately.

Fairness and Equity

This policy insures fairness, equity and consistency to all applicants from quarter to quarter.

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