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Field Experience Log (teaching)

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For your Experience Log fill out the form below.  Each day that you are involved in a field experience do the following:

  1. Type in your student id.  Double check this to make sure that it is correct. 
  2. Select the course number from which this field experience has been assigned.
  3. Choose the date of the experience by selecting the day from the calendar or use the scroll arrows to identify the correct month, day and year.
  4. Select the appropriate time that you arrived at at the field experience site and select am or pm.
  5. Select the appropriate time that you left the site and select am or pm.
  6. Check whether your mentor was present during this experience on this day.
  7. Type the number of hours and minutes in the box that best matches your involvement (i.e. observing, planning, etc.)
  8. Make sure that the hours are typed in decimal hours (i.e.  one hour and 15 minutes  would be 1.25).   We have created a sheet with calculations to make this easier and can be accessed by clicking below on downloadable decimal conversions below.
  9. Type in the total time.  *This time must be exactly the same as the time you were at your site.  If it isn’t you will NOT be allowed to leave this page.
  10. Click on submit.
  11. Repeat this process for each day of your field experience.

Downloadable Decimal Conversions.
(Use this form to help you determine the exact numbers to enter in the boxes of observing, planning, teaching and assessment.) 

Downloadable pdf instructions here.


NOTE: Please use FIREFOX when submitting this web form. Chrome and IE will not allow you to put in half hour times: Ex: 4.5 hr.

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